Change Management Consultant (Level 3)

Our Government of Canada client has a won contract opportunity for a Senior Change Management Consultant in support of a Microsoft 365 (M365) project.  This resource will be responsible to define the strategy and validate that the tactical activities of the Enterprise Data and information Management (EDIM) component of the M365 communications plan is complete.

Start Date: ASAP

Security Clearance: Reliability

Level of Effort: Full Time (1 year)


  1. Develop an EDIM M365 change management plan;
  2. Consult with CSC Communications and Engagement (C+E) in order to align the EDIM M365 change management plan with the M365 change management plan;
  3. Deliver EDIM M365 awareness and training products such as This Week at CSC, Hub updates and executive emails;
  4. Evaluate EDIM M365 awareness and training products against plans in areas including vehicles, key messaging, timing, sender, receivers, approvals, for all communications delivered through the division and project team;
  5. Develop structured and repeatable processes for the EDIM M3365 communications products such as This Week at CSC, Hub updates and executive emails from concept through creation and approvals to publication, distribution and evaluation;
  6. Consult with other departments or agencies that are also implementing M365 to EDIM change management approaches, materials, and lessons learned; and
  7. Evaluate and action M365 messaging requests from EDIM managers.


  1. 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 EDIM M365 change management strategy and plan using best in class templates. Including: Stakeholder and change impact analysis; Resource effort estimates; Communications Work Plan with implementation schedule, roles and responsibilities; and Communications and training method guidelines.
  2. Updated 2021/2022 EDIM communications Work Plan, quarterly.
  3. Weekly EDIM M365 communication status report on the progress of the work described in the work plan.
  4. Monthly EDIM M365 communication status presentations for executive and team members.
  5. Monthly EDIM M365 change management risk assessment and resolution analysis in report format.

Role Requirements:

  • Prior Experience with GCDOCS, Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Ten (10) years of experience in the last fifteen (15) years performing the following tasks:
    1. Performing impact assessment and stakeholder analysis;
    2. Conducting sponsorship assessment;
    3. Creating change management strategy;
    4. Developing communication, engagement and training products;
    5. Facilitating engagement for the review and validation of various assessments and resulting strategy;
    6. Identifying the most expected and potential points of resistance to change. Developing counter strategies to reduce the resistance and address the doubts and uncertainty surrounding the change to foster a positive acceptance of change;
    7. Establishing parameters to measure the early adoption, effective utilization and proficiency to new change initiatives for individual employees and organizational units; and
    8. Identifying deviations in performance from the change standards and implement strategies for corrective action to achieve full organizational adoption to change.