Change Management Consultant –  Specialist (Level 3)

The Halifax Group has potential upcoming contract opportunities under the category of P.1 Change Management Consultant – Specialist (Level 3) for one of our Government of Canada clients.

Start Date: TBD

Security Clearance: Enhanced Reliability


  1. Perform impact assessment and stakeholder analysis;
  2. Conduct sponsorship assessment;
  3. Create change management strategy;
  4. Develop communications strategy and plans;
  5. Support plan implementation;
  6. Develop communication, engagement and training products;
  7. Facilitate engagement for the review and validation of various assessments and resulting strategy;
  8. Work collaboratively with Management Team to create integrated delivery and change management plans;
  9. Update strategies and plans to support planning and performance measurement program and processes;
  10. Create lessons learned approach, report, and recommendations for senior management;
  11. Identify the most expected and potential points of resistance to change. Develop counter strategies to reduce the resistance and address the doubts and uncertainty surrounding the change to foster a positive acceptance of change;
  12. Create specific change management plans with respect to training and orientation of employees for each major change/project;
  13. Develop a detailed work plan based on the change agenda and how the various changes will need to be implemented;
  14. Establish parameters to measure the early adoption, effective utilization and proficiency to new change initiatives for individual employees and organizational units;
  15. Assessment of change impact and requirements;
  16. Identify deviations in performance from the change standards and implement strategies for corrective action to achieve full organizational adoption to change;
  17. Establish and maintain a close engagement with specialists from stakeholder branches to ensure a smooth transition to change and organization-wide successful implementation of these change initiatives;
  18. Support the execution of a talent management program to recruit, retain, and develop employees;
  19. Support the organization in building the necessary skills and capabilities to support transformational effort;
  20. Facilitate the development of a long term organizational structure to support future state; and
  21. Provide communication and stakeholder support to the client.


  1. Reports on change management activities and impacts;
  2. Reports on training;
  3. Reports on success factors;
  4. Reports of progress on change implementation;
  5. Strategy for change management;
  6. Bi-weekly status report documenting the progress of the work described in the work plan and above in Tasks, including difficulties, which may affect overall schedule and planned tasks for the next reporting period. The status report must include:
    1.  Activities completed within the reporting period;
    2. Planned activities for the next reporting period; and
    3. Risks/issues that will require the attention of the Project Authority;
  7. Interview guides and supporting workshop materials;
  8. Change impact assessment including comprehensive stakeholder analysis;
  9. Change management strategy and plan including cost estimates, change implementation schedule and roles and responsibilities;
  10. Executive and staff level presentations for regular communications and product launch purposes;
  11. Ad hoc presentations and reports as requested by the Project Authority and within the approved work plan;
  12. Change management plan and work plan;
  13. Sponsorship assessment;
  14. Change management strategy and plans;
  15. Various communication products;
  16. Engagement plan tactics and products;
  17. Training products;
  18. Lessons learned framework;
  19. Organizational Design plans;
  20. Talent Management plans; and
  21. Recommendations on skills and capability.

Role Requirements:

  • Must have 10 years of experience in the last 15 years performing tasks that are the same or similar to items a, b, c, f, g, k, n, and p listed in listed under the “Tasks” heading above.


  • Must have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Halifax Group is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, marital status, medical condition, national origin, or any other protected status. Visible minorities, women, LGBTQ candidates, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.